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Home – Edmonton, AlbertaStorm Drain & Catch Basin Cleaning

Storm Drain and Catch Basin Cleaning in Edmonton, AB.

McRae’s Environmental Services will make sure your drainage system is working as intended.

Storm Drain Cleaning in Edmonton, AB.

The main goal of your Edmonton storm drain system is to move excess water away from your building and into the main drainage pipes. Edmonton Storm drains can be subjected to a considerable deal of pressure during major rain events, and if they are not properly maintained, your home may well be flooded.

Roots, calcified debris, and hardened oil can all be removed from sewer systems with our top-of-the-line equipment.

McRae’s Environmental Services Ltd can handle drains and sewer lines of any type. From service laterals to city mains that include big diameter culverts, municipal pumping stations, and interceptors.

In subterranean parking garages, low-profile trucks can access storm and sanitary sewer systems.

Catch Basin Cleaning

Catch basins (CBs) are important parts of any drainage system. When a Catch basin becomes clogged with debris, it will back up and flood the surrounding area. To avoid any problems, we recommend inspecting your CBs on a regular basis and getting them cleaned as needed.

McRae’s Can Help

McRae’s Environmental Services Ltd is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for all of your storm drain and catch basin cleaning needs in Edmonton, AB. Scheduled or emergency callouts.

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