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Home – Edmonton, AlbertaMcRae’s Environmental Services Ltd. has been in business for more than 65 years, where we have built our reputation as Western Canada’s leading provider of Industrial and Environmental Services.

Founded in 1955, McRae’s Environmental Services Ltd. has spent more than 65 years building a reputation as Edmonton’s leading provider of hydrovac excavation and technical vacuum services.

Our customers are our top priority at McRae’s. That is why we constantly give customers accurate information and outstanding customer service. Customers that choose McRae’s benefit from our significant industry expertise and decades of experience in all areas of hydrovac excavation. We also provide a variety of benefits to keep our customers pleased, such as free estimates and personalized service. This is how we’ve managed to keep our customers completely satisfied over the years.

Quality and Sustainability is What Really Matters to Us

We started employing high-powered “super” vacuum trucks instead of ordinary vacuum trucks when McRae’s opened in the Lower Mainland in 1955. It wasn’t long before businesses and contractors realized the advantages that our excavation trucks might offer. McRae’s can even manage the arduous chore of pumping sludge and sediments at rates up to 10 times faster than our competitors because of our unique approach and access to latest equipment in Edmonton.

Today, we stay abreast of changes in the digging sector, ensuring that we invest in the latest equipment and concentrate on long-term growth and development. Our top-of-the-line equipment was designed and built using cutting-edge technology. This allows us to improve our job performance, whether we’re vacuuming dirt excavations, performing site remediation activities, cleaning pipes and catch basins, or conducting an inspection.

Today, we are always on top of changes happening in the excavating industry, making sure we invest in the best equipment and focus on sustainable growth and development. Our world-class equipment has been designed and built to technologically innovative standards. This enables us to enhance our performance on the job, whether we are vacuuming excavations of soil, performing site remedial activities, cleaning pipe & catch basins, or conducting an inspection.

We’re Always Working To Perform Above Our Customers’ Expectations

McRae’s is always upgrading and implementing modern technologies, demonstrating our commitment to providing innovative, safe, robust, and efficient solutions to any business challenges in Edmonton. We are also committed to safety and sustainability. That is why, in the underground utility sector, we are industry leaders and Edmonton’s trusted choice for environmentally responsible and sustainability-focused services.

We make every effort to leave every job and work site in better shape because our work has such a significant impact on our customers and the environment. We ensure the best quality products by incorporating sustainable environmental practices and lean thinking into every project we undertake in Edmonton, Alberta.

Our Cleaning Capabilities Include:

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