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Find and build your career at McRae’s today!

At McRae’s, we are always searching for talented individuals over many job categories. With our extensive operations throughout Canada, this can be your first step towards finding a career with a well-respected and innovative company that cares about you and your job success.

Our team values professionalism, integrity, accountability, and a steadfast commitment to safety.

And our enduring success comes from the engagement of our people. Our culture of collaboration cultivates a continuous mindset of self-improvement and co-operation, not only in our work environment but also in our work performance.

Are you ready to apply? There are two ways to apply:

  1. Download the Employment Application Form. Submit your completed application by email:
  2. Complete and submit your application below.
  • Personal Information

  • from (month/year)
  • to (month/year)
  • Addressesfrom (month/year)to (month/year) 
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  • Hiring Standards

  • Education

  • Tractor/Trailer Driving Experience

  • 0=None 1=Limited (under 1 year) 2=Some Experience (1–3 years) 3=Experienced (3 years or more)
  • If none, please write "None"
  • If none, please write "None"
  • If none, please write "None"
  • Employment History

    Please list your prior employment history starting with the most recent.. All time gaps must be accounted for and the reason provided (i.e. unemployed/self-employed/attending school).
    "Include the name and contact information for your immediate supervisor at your previous employer."
  • Employment History (continued)

  • Additional Information

  • Release Clause

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