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HomePipeline Video Inspection

We’re Pipeline Video Inspection Specialists

Our detailed pipeline inspection services feature state-of-the-art, explosion-proof Pearpoint equipment that offer a 360-degree view using pan-and-tilt cameras. Our Pipeline Video Inspection, LLC services can handle pipe diameters from 2” to over 10’, and relies on top of the line PIPELOGIX® software to ensure that no matter the environment, the job will get done in the most efficient manner possible.

Our pipeline video inspection equipment can handle large or small projects, with our large tractors having the capacity to handle pipes over 24” and small tractors handling pipes that range from 6” to 24”.

Ensure the integrity of your pipelines through the use of a detailed video inspection from McRae’s Environmental Services, Ltd., which is a leading company when it comes to pipeline video inspection in Vancouver and surrounding areas.

McRae’s can help to enhance safety on your work site by visually checking to ensure that your pipes are in sound condition. Our service offerings work proactively to reduce the risk of any potential property damages, reporting any flow restriction problems (such as grease and roots), and give you a complete picture of what you’re working with using state-of-the-art equipment.

Explosion-Proof Pipeline Video Inspections

  • Any diameter from 2” to 10’ (not limited to 10’)
  • Pipeline evaluation using PIPELOGIX® software
  • Coding of the main lines using PACP (Pipeline Assessment & Certification Program) & WRC (Water Research Centre) codes
  • Large tractors can handle any pipes over 24” (flow dependent); with the addition of the elevator, the large tractor can travers up to 23” of flow
  • Small tractors can video any pipe from 6” to 24”
  • For large-diameter pipes with more than 23” of flow, the pontoon system is an ideal application utilizing the 360-degree pan-and-tilt cameras; the pontoon will float on the flow & be pulled through the main by a winch
  • Manhole inspections to visually inspect the manholes & record all data related to the manholes
  • Optimize root & grease removal processes by having a camera watch the progress of the cutting tools to ensure maximum removal of unwanted grease & roots
  • We are able to position our cameras up to 15’ deep to pinpoint any defects or locations you require marked out (not able to locate in metal pipes)
  • All videos can be done in MPEG-2 (Moving Pictures Expert Group) & WMF (Windows Media Format)
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