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HomeHydro Excavating

McRae’s Environmental Services Ltd. are Western Canada’s premier provider of Hydrovac Equipment and Certified Operators.

What is hydro excavation?

Hydro excavation is a non-mechanical method of digging, which uses a high-pressure water jet to loosen the soil, then employs a high-speed vacuum to remove the dirt and debris from the hole. The machines that perform this type of work are known as Hydrovacs.

Hydrovacs are used to excavate in environmentally sensitive areas or wherever there may be a risk to damaging nearby underground utilities.

Hydrovac services are an excellent option for winter construction. Installed boilers generate hot water to break through the frozen ground. Hydrovacs are used for a multitude of applications in many industries, including general construction, utility installation & maintenance, electrical, telecommunications, chemical, and oil and gas.

McRae’s Hydrovacs

Hydrovacs have been designed and built exclusively for McRae’s Environmental Services. They can produce “directional pressure” for improved productivity when cutting through rough ground and hard clays. Our non-destructive Hydrovac technology, including our state-of-the-art CNG Hydrovacs and large volume Hydrovac tanker, are widely recognized for their safety benefits.

McRae’s Hydrovac Services

Our Hydrovac services are fast, powerful, & efficient. With a fleet of over 100 Hydrovacs in Western Canada, we are uniquely positioned to respond to any size project and deliver safe, economical service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Vacuum Excavating

  • Pole holes, any depth or diameter
  • Exposing underground utilities
  • Monitoring well installation
  • Street light bases – sign post holes – pilings

Dry Material Hauling

  • Sand, dirt, slurries, sawdust, gravel, sulfur
  • Coal, fly ash, potash, cement
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