Hydro excavation is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, non-mechanical, and non-destructive procedure that transfers soil to a debris tank using an air conveyance or vacuum. There is no risk of underground utility damage because it does not require digging equipment such as metal or sharp edges that penetrate the ground.

Hydrovac Truck/Excavation

Hydro excavation is said to be a great solution for cold weather applications because it uses hot water. McRae’s Environmental Services Ltd. also provides dependable septic and waste removal and disposal services to customers in Vancouver and the surrounding areas, in addition to hydrovac services.

Digging and excavating with traditional methods isn’t always effective. When pipelines or conduits are buried in the area that needs to be dug up, a more sophisticated method is required. Hydro excavation is a type of non-mechanical, safe excavation that gets the task done faster with fewer people and without damaging the soil in the immediate excavation region. The outcomes are quick, safe, dependable, and precise. Traditional excavation techniques need more backfill, labour, and rehabilitation, and have a greater environmental impact.

Hydrovac Service Trucks in Vancouver, Richmond and Edmonton

Industries Where Hydro Excavation is Used

  • Construction: Ground excavation is the initial phase in the construction process. If the earth is not properly excavated, no industrial facility, commercial building, or residential home can be built. The excavation site can be quite large, and standard digging methods take a long time to complete. Hydro excavation, especially for large areas, is a considerably faster and more cost-effective way of digging.
  • Plumbing: The majority of the pipelines and sewers are buried. Excavation, hauling, and restoration of soil are required to remove them. Underground facilities are required for any type of business. Installing pipelines and sewers in residential areas, for example, is necessary, as is the case for other buildings or utilities. Hydro excavation is an important practise in the plumbing industry because it allows workers to dig through soil without destroying existing underground pipes. It also completes the task quickly, allowing activities to resume as soon as possible.
  • Landscaping: The idea of landscaping is to arrange plants and trees in a specific way to create a beautiful look. This entails a lot of digging, and to beautify the area, holes should be dug in a specific pattern to accommodate the plants. Careless digging would harm the soil, the environment, and the plants.

In general, hydrovac excavation is a method that creates a better service for the customer, making life easier for the contractors, and customers.

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