Low Profile vacuum trucks, also known as “lowboys”, are usually based on a Ford F550 chassis with custom air bag suspension designed to give the truck a lowered stance. These units can reach low clearance areas such as underground parkades and other hard to reach locations due to their compact size. Equipped with high flow vacuum pumps and onboard power washers, these units are very powerful for their size.

These “lowboys” can access any sumps, catch basins, manholes, holding tanks associated with low ceiling areas making them more desirable than the traditional vacuum truck. These services the lowboy provides makes the job trouble-free by being able to drive right up with the equipment and work on what ever needs to be done. Traditional industrial vacuum trucks can take time setting up to reach the desirable area of work, lowboys eliminate the time-consuming setting up by being able to reach right from the work area.

Our “lowboys” at McRae’s are equipped with a 700-gallon (2650 liter) debris tank and hold 120 gallons (154 liters) of fresh water. They also come equipped with other features such as low-profile primary check valves, hydraulic lifting tanks, and tank vibrators for those thick or sticky loads that take time to dump. As mentioned earlier, our high flow / high CFM vacuum pumps and our 9GMP pressure washers make these trucks a powerful choice for tight areas. All these features make our lowboys worth the usage as they can get work that requires low clearance done efficiently and in a timely manner. Our lowboys are even capable of pulling suction up to 300 feet away which is very advantageous to those hard-to-reach low clearance areas that require hose.

Underground areas aren’t the only places we use our lowboys. Any tight or hard to reach areas that a typical vacuum truck can’t reach can easily be accessible by lowboy. Such as park pathways, golf course pathways, small bridges and even properties with weight restrictions. This makes maneuvering around with a lowboy a breeze in hard-to-reach work areas. This in turn will make the job run more efficiently resulting meeting all the needs of the customer.

We have an array of lowboy units available, and we are always ready to assist with any underground parkade or limited access service requests. We can also put your stress at ease by performing regularly scheduled maintenance for catch basin and drain cleaning. Our preoperatory dispatch system will track every service we perform and will notify our team when your next service is due. This is very beneficial for Property Management companies that deal with multiple properties. We offer our lowboy services to majority of the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.

Please call us today for more information and the most competitive rates in the industry. We even have a dedicated sales team that will perform free onsite inspections and provide an estimate or quote for services. We can also provide you with expert advice on any drainage issues you may have.