McRae’s Environmental Services is dedicated to being one of the top vacuum truck companies in the industry with a very diverse fleet of equipment and trucks. Our diverse fleet is powered by the newest innovations in fuelling including EV & RNG. We are also pleased to provide our customers with the newest or latest technological advancements in equipment. Our fleet consists of: Pipeline CCTV inspection units, liquid haulers, confined space entry units, hydro-excavators, flush trucks, lowboy units for low clearance entries, and street sweepers. Our fleet makes up one of the most reliable and diverse vacuum truck companies in the industry.

Pipeline CCTV Inspection Units

Pipeline CCTV Inspection Unit - McRae's Environmental Services

Our fleet of CCTV inspection units are capable of viewing underground pipes, inspection chambers, culverts and any other pipeline systems that need to be reviewed by running a camera through the line. These units perform detailed inspections with high resolution cameras mounted on a variety of tools. These units eliminate any guess work associated with problems such as a blockage or collapsed piping. CCTV also helps us evaluate the effectiveness of various maintenance procedures by inspecting the internal workings of the pipe. If issues are found, they are recorded and detailed by our technical CCTV camera operators. Our operators here at McRae’s Environmental Services are PACP certified (Pipeline assessment certification program). These operators are highly skilled and have multiple years of experience working as camera laborers first and then graduating to an operator.

Liquid Haulers/Vacuum Trucks

Liquid Haulers/Vacuum Trucks - McRae's Environmental Services

Flush trucks or jetting trucks are commonly used to clean or flush large diameter pipes. Most commonly these trucks are used to clean storm or sanitary sewers with high pressured water. Our 80 GPM pumps pressurize and propel a flush nozzle on the end of a 1” flush hose like a rocket from one end to the other end of the pipe. Once the nozzle has arrived at the end of the pipe it is then slowly pulled back with the hydraulics on the truck and under pressure descaling the pipe and removing any grit or plaque from the pipe. These trucks are also commonly used in conjunction with CCTV inspection units. The flush truck cleans the pipe first and then the CCTV unit can get a clear and precise video of the pipe and the integrity of the pipe.

Lowboy/ Low Clearance Vacuum Trucks

Low Clearance Vacuum Trucks - McRae's Environmental Services

Below level parking areas can be a hassle especially when it comes to cleaning drains, catch basins, ribbon drains, and sumps. Our “lowboys” are capable of accessing the lowest clearance areas in any underground parkade. These units like any vacuum truck come equipped with a vacuum pump and a water pump to provide the same service as a full size vacuum truck.

Street Sweeping

Street Sweeping - McRae's Environmental Services

McRae’s Environmental Services also provides power sweeping with innovative street sweeping equipment that is capable of catch basin cleaning as well. Our power sweepers provide outstanding customer service and we offer complete maintenance packages that are available upon request. We service residential, commercial, and municipal street sweeping all across the lower mainland and the Fraser Valley.